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People go to Borová Lada for a unique combination of divine peace, pristine nature and modern infrastructure. 

Borová Lada are not only one of the most famous frozen basins, but also a place for countless activities - in winter, cross-country skiing (or slopes in nearby resorts) or ice skating (on a local pond or on a multi-functional playground), in other seasons, walks, running, scooters, bicycles , bicycles or other sports activities. Not far from the accommodation, there is table tennis as well as a children's and multifunctional playground for tennis, volleyball, netball, futsal, handball and other sports.

If you go for sports, you can join one of the neighbors, as the local community is very active - you won't have enough hands to count the "ironmans", and if you want to run, cycle or cross-country, you can join to someone whose name you probably know from TV :)


A modern space for the little ones

A few hundred meters from the house, small children will enjoy the new playground with an area of 172 m2 with a multifunctional wooden play set (two towers, a slide, ladders, a climbing ramp, a crawling tunnel, a drawing board, a climbing wall and a house) and three spring swings.

Background of the village

In the immediate vicinity of the house there are full civic amenities - an excellent bistro/cafe/patisserieMadame Chocolate,restaurant Borůvka, general store, post office, etc.

You can also rent sports equipment directly in the village, or use the rental offices in Kvilda or Horní Vltavica.


Winter fun

If the snow permits (it does for several months of the year), you can put on your cross-country skis directly in front of the cottages. Otherwise, two boarding points are a few hundred meters from the cottages, and from here you can set off to tens of kilometers of regularly maintainedrunning trackswith a mountain and flat profile.


Right across the street, your little ones can use a sledding slope, and another one is less than 10 minutes away on foot along the path on Knížecí plána.


If you don't want to skate on an artificial surface (in the area of the multi-purpose field), definitely go to the local pond - it allows both interstate hockey matches for most of the winter and offers space for top figure skating performances.


If the situation allows, you can also find ski lifts within a 15-30 minute drive (rather for beginners) -Kvilda,Back,New Hut,Kubova Huť andUpper Vltavice, or you can go to a German ski resort half an hour awayMitterdorf.

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Spring Summer Autumn

People go to Borová Lada to see the freely accessible onesowl aviary or to take a picture of probably the most photographed birch in Bohemia on Chalupská slat. You will find beautiful ones hereŠumava National Park information centerwith lots of interesting things not only for children.


Borová Lada is the gateway to central Šumava - whatever you want to seelynx and deer on Kvilda,wolves to Srní, stretch in the rope park on Modrava or "cycle" tens and hundreds of kilometers on bikes - including the popular "alpine climb" from Rejštejn to Zhůří.


Be sure not to miss a walk or ride on the Knížecí plain, in the case of a walk along the picturesque Vltava stream andfish hatcheries. You will most likely spot deer or other forest animals along the way.


There is probably no need to mention the springs of the Vltava, which you can either reach from Kvilda or directly from Borový Lad along the Jewish and Strážní cesta.


For mountain climbers (and calm water lovers) it is availableMeridian  (including Prášilský jezer), in the opposite direction the most famous Czech forestBoubin with Boubín lake.

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