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Superior comfort inside and out

We equip the houses in such a way that you can find everything you need for an active stay as well as a peaceful holiday, whether as a couple, with children or with a group of friends. We are gradually improving everything and we will be happy if you write us what else you would like. 

You can find a detailed list of equipmenthere


All apartments can use a common utility room with a washing machine and dryer (in one of the houses).

Of course, there is free parking in front of the houses. 



Your comfort starts with the temperature - you can have the temperature in each room set according to your requirements, just say or write before your arrival. In the Blue and Gray apartments, you can regulate the temperature yourself.


You don't need keys

Access to the house and apartments is via code locks, so there is no need to agree on the exact time of arrival and you can arrive whenever you want.

Slanina Bruschetta

Master Kitchens 

A fully equipped kitchen is at your disposal - fridge with freezer, glass-ceramic (or induction) hob, multi-function oven and microwave oven. You can also use a wide range of kitchen utensils and utensils, so even if you want to do gastronomic magic, you can leave everything at home.

You don't even need to bring sponges and dishcloths with you - everything is available, as well as "starter" tablets for the dishwasher. 

televizní obrazovky

Smart fun

In the main room there is a Smart TV with a pre-set subscription to HBO MAX or Netlfix (which are available to you during your stay) and other Internet applications downloaded. If you are interested, you can connect your own external device.

WiFi throughout the house? But sure. 


Other equipment

Of course, bed linen, a towel and a bath towel are provided for each guest.

A hairdryer and basic hygiene items (hand soap, toilet paper, air freshener) are available in each apartment.

For families with small children, baby dishes, potties, baby cots and more are available on request.

You can also use a washing machine with a dryer. 

Domácí bezpečnostní systém


We also think about your safety - each apartment is equipped with an alarm, including smoke detectors, and there is a security camera in the central corridor of each house. Another camera monitors the storage room for sports equipment and the parking lot.

ramínka na šaty

Storage spaces for everything

In the bedrooms, there are storage spaces in the form of shelves, wardrobe walls with hangers, cupboards or large drawers under the beds (depending on the bedroom).

Each apartment also has a storage room with storage space for other sports equipment, a shoe dryer, a clothes dryer, and more.

Bike Chain

Almost professional depot

In the garage building, you have a multi-purpose room at your disposal, which is monitored by a security camera. In it, you can safely store your sports equipment and at the same time use the service stand and tools for repairing bicycles and the service table for cross-country skis.


More sports

You can also - upon agreement - rent various sports equipment, such as scooters, a badminton set, a table tennis set and more.

Detailed equipment list

Kitchen equipment

towels, sponge and rag for dishes, detergent, "starter" tablets for the dishwasher, kitchen towels

baking sheet and grid, oven mitts, mats for hot pots,

wooden spoons, spatulas, spatula, bow tie, whisk, potato masher, turner, ladles, kitchen tongs,

scissors, set of sharp knives,

egg slicer, garlic press,

bottle opener / corkscrew, scraper,


set of plates - deep, shallow, dessert, bowls,

tea and coffee mugs,

glass of water, latte, sparkling wine, wine, shots,

pasta strainer, steaming mat,


set of pots with lids,


measuring cup, citrus juicer,

teapot, frenchpress,

large salad bowl

cutting board.

Kitchen appliances




stove (electric or induction),





Cleaning products

dustpan and brush,




Bathroom equipment



floor mat,

toilet paper,

liquid hand soap,

Air Freshener,

hair dryer.


clothes dryer,

dryer for 4 pairs of shoes,

metal shoe rack,



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